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Weather Eye: Expect more showers before drying out later in week

This autumn so far is one of the dullest I can ever remember. No big rainstorms, no windstorms, no low elevation snowfall and no snow in the mountains as we enter mid-November.

We have a weak weather system move by today mainly to our north but expect some light showers. A fairly decent storm moves inland late Monday into early Tuesday. I expect the city to get about a half inch of rain and close to an inch in our foothills.

Snow levels will be high toward the mountain peaks in the Cascades. The snow level drops overnight Monday into Tuesday but the precipitation runs out as well.

After that storm guess what? Yep, high pressure re-establishes itself and keeps us dry Wednesday through the weekend. With less clouds at night, I expect lows to be in the 30s and some freezing temperatures in the county. Highs will remain in the 50s.

That places us into the week of Thanksgiving. Right now, which is beyond the horizon of the weather eye, travels for Thanksgiving look great, dry and no snow over the passes.

Forecast models keep placing a westerly flow over us, bringing back our usual progression of valley rain and mountain snows farther out. Last week, models had colder air and precipitation over us Thanksgiving. Now, it appears sometime after the first week of December we may get back in the saddle.

Begin the holiday errands as we dry out later this week.


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