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Weather Eye: No matter the weather, humor always in season

Years ago, my insurance agent in downtown Vancouver, whenever I would stop by his office, he would always greet me with “How’s the weather, man?” I’ll never forget that. He had a smile on his face and we would talk weather for a few minutes before doing business.

It seems like there is always something to discuss about the weather, even when we don’t have much of it going on. I’ve met many residents of Clark County over the years. Upon seeing me or hearing my name, I’d hear comments like “Oh, you’re the Hazel Dell weatherman.” Or, “You’re that guy that writes about the weather in The Columbian.”

I’ve been called much worse, but mostly it’s been sunny comments over the years. It’s always fun.

Long ago when writing checks was the thing, I would present a check for a purchase. When the recipient saw my name, I’d hear, “Oh, no need to see your identification, we know who you are.”

Encounters can be embarrassing. At the old A-boy Electric and Plumbing on Minnehaha Street, I was in line to make a purchase. The clerk saw me about six persons back and said, “Hold on, everyone, that’s Pat Timm the weatherman, he only has one item. I’ll ring him up.” Glaring eyes would appear, then laughter and camaraderie.

I have appeared many times in Clark County court as an expert weather witness. One time I was being cross-examined before a jury in Judge Harris’s court room. The Seattle attorney did his best to discredit my experience and wanted me to step down. Judge Harris replied, “Overruled, everyone knows Pat Timm the weatherman.” The jury cracked up and eventually the gavel came down for silence. There was a recess, and the case was settled out of court.

So much of our daily lives depends on the weather and its shortcomings, one way or the other. We remind ourselves to take it with a light heart and sometimes with a bit of humor, too.


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