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Weather Eye: Unusually dry November weather on the way out as fog rolls in

There isn’t much new in the weather department as far as wet weather heading our way. We do see the current dry air mass of the past week getting moister, which will help with dry skin and static electricity in your home.

However, we are more likely to see fog and low clouds form with longer nights. I expect partly sunny and hazy afternoon sunshine. Highs will drop, due to the lack of sun, back near normal in the 50s. Vancouver’s average high and low for this week is 56 and 42.

We enjoyed a couple of 60-degree days Friday and yesterday with 65- and 62-degree highs. It may be cooler during the daytime, but the overnight lows will be warmer. I think we will see lows in the 30s this week rather than the chilly 20s.

Looking ahead to next weekend, there are some forecast models that break the strong ridge of high pressure anchored off our coast and weak weather systems dropping down from the northwest. These generally do not hold much in the way of rain and tend to weaken as they move over us. That is the first chance of rain I can see.

It is really unusual to have such dry weather in November. On average this is our wettest month; normally we see only about six dry days.

I hope you set your clocks back last night. You’ll notice the morning hours will be a bit lighter, but darkness follows the sun that sets before 5 p.m. now.



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