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Clark Asks: Transportation-related questions lead voting round

Clark County residents spend a lot of time behind the wheel, and all that time spent looking around and pondering all things traffic is reflected in questions in this month’s Clark Asks voting round.

Readers have already been weighing in on three questions submitted to us through The Columbian’s reader-guided Clark Asks feature. The question that receives the most votes will get top priority by our reporters.

October’s questions are:

• “Why doesn’t Amtrak offer train service from the station in Vancouver into downtown Portland during normal commute hours?”

• “Why is the speed limit on the newly completed expansion of Northeast 18th Street 35 mph while Mill Plain Boulevard, with far more driveways, is 40 mph?”

• “Why are there so many dead trees not being taken out of right of ways along major roads, and what obligations do property owners have?”

As of Monday, the question about Amtrak service between Vancouver and Portland was receiving the greatest support. Voting continues through Sunday.

If your favorite question doesn’t come out on top, don’t worry: All these questions are newsworthy, and we often end up placing runners-up in future voting rounds, or just report them later.

Most recently, Wyatt Stayner explained how Vancouver came to have a high school named after Henrietta Lacks, a black cancer patient who had cells taken from her body without consent in 1951 but whose cells ended up as the most widely used human cells in scientific research.

Previously, Anthony Macuk explored the fate of two “creepy” buildings adjacent to the Providence Academy building in Vancouver. Calley Hair tracked down what happened two of the four totem poles at the Totem Pole Restaurant when the landmark eatery in Hazel Dell was torn down. Jeffrey Mize explored the legal questions about temporary commercial signs that sprout along the county’s roadways.

All of those questions came from our readers. What questions do you have? Swing by the Clark Asks site to let us know what has intrigued or puzzled you. We’ll see what we can find out.



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