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Weather Eye: Visit the pumpkin patch Sunday because next weekend might be wet

It was a cloudy start to the weekend as a weak weather system moved over us. Only sprinkles or light showers were in the forecast Saturday night. Monday, weak high pressure follows and gives us at least a partly sunny day.

As our temperatures felt like late October last week, the weather after Monday will also seem like late October with clouds and periods of rain. The high temperatures Tuesday will go down as the week wears on only in the 50s.

I expect rain turning to snow in the higher Cascades by the end of the week. It may be windy as well along the coast and breezy inland.

As of Saturday, in Vancouver we are running about 6 degrees below average, and the rainfall is nearly three-quarters of an inch below average for the month. Cool and dry.

There will be some dry periods in the four or five days of rain coming up so not a total washout. For those of you still planning on a trip to the pumpkin patch, go today rather than next weekend. Partly sunny this afternoon versus a chance of rain next weekend and, of course, muddy fields.

We haven’t seen an October off to a chilly start like this for nearly 50 years. We managed a high of 70 degrees so far this month and a low of 32 degrees. Does that mean the winter will be cold and snowy? We know the woolly bear predicts that, but what about climate statistics? Roll the dice; some were cold and snowy, and some not so much.


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