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Two arrested in robbery of Vancouver convenience store

Two people were arrested following a robbery early Tuesday at a convenience store in Vancouver’s Harney Heights neighborhood.

Vancouver police were dispatched at 4:53 a.m. to a convenience store near a Texaco gas station at 3515 E. Fourth Plain Blvd.

A man, identified by police as Keony T. Baelo, 18, entered the store with another male, Gladwell Baelo, whose age was not provided, and attempted to take items without paying, police department spokeswoman Kim Kapp said in an email. Keony Baelo apparently knew the store clerk, police said.

The two suspects engaged in a physical confrontation with the clerk before leaving the store. When the clerk ran after them, Gladwell Baelo allegedly attempted to strike the clerk with a vehicle, Kapp said. The clerk pepper-sprayed them as they fled.

Police later located the Baelos, according to Kapp, though, it is unclear whether or how they are related. Keony Baelo was arrested on suspicion of first-degree robbery, and Gladwell Baelo was arrested on suspicion of first-degree robbery and vehicular assault.




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