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Lightning strikes, damages Vancouver house

Lightning that struck a house in Vancouver’s Fisher’s Landing East neighborhood amid thunderstorms Saturday damaged parts of the home and surrounding areas.

Vancouver fire crews were dispatched at 3:49 p.m. to 18812 S.E. 25th St. The bolt appeared to strike a tree next to the house before entering the structure, Vancouver Fire Department spokesman Joe Spatz said.

Two residents, who were uninjured, were inside the house when they heard part of the tree crashing, Spatz said. The strike overwhelmed the home’s electrical system, which caused welded wires, broken circuits and a blown electrical meter, smoke detector and cable box. It also damaged walls and some furniture and left holes in various places.

Neighbors in three nearby houses complained that water leaked from their pipes after the strike, Spatz said. Others reported smelling gas.

“So pretty significant obviously,” Spatz said. “Lightning is a pretty powerful force.”

The residents of the home made temporary living arrangements, Spatz said.

After firefighters turned off water in the houses, Clark Public Utilities and NW Natural were called to remedy the water and gas issues. Firefighters remained on scene until 7:15 p.m. to help the public utilities and natural gas crews.

Spatz added that lightning appeared to strike other trees in the area as well.


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