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Fire District 6 receives an improved performance score

An agency tasked with rating the performance of fire departments statewide has improved its score for Clark County Fire District 6.

The Washington Surveying and Ratings Bureau dropped the fire district’s rating from four to three. As a Fire District 6 news release points out, the lower the score the better.

The bureau examines things such as distribution of fire stations, water supply and pumping capacity, among other criteria. The final score, or Protection Class “rating” can have a direct influence on what insurance companies charge their customers in any given area, according to Fire District 6.

In Washington, there are no districts that rate at one. Thirteen districts have a rating of two and 49 have a rating of three. That’s out of 343 fire districts, a dozen regional fire authorities and 200 municipalities.

“It’s both great news and a sign that we are continuing to head in the right direction as a fire district,” Fire Chief Jerry Green said. “In the long run, what this rating improvement means to the citizens of Clark County Fire District 6 is that they have a district committed to constant improvement.”


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