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Weather Eye: Enjoy couple of nice days before chill arrives

The first day of autumn arrived on a cloudy note Monday and at 5 p.m. while writing this column, the rain was just to our north and afternoon temperatures were near the 70-degree mark. There was a chance that some showers would reach Clark County by nightfall.

Today and Wednesday will be the best days this week and highs will reach at least 70 degrees, maybe a touch more before we see a big cool down later in the week. A cold air mass from Canada will drop over us Thursday and last through the weekend. Highs will struggle to crack 60 degrees, far below the normal high in the low 70s.

Snow levels will drop and some snow could fall as low as the ski areas on Mount Hood.

As usually happens, cold air from the north arrives somewhat on the dry side so precipitation amounts will be light. At best, Timberline could get six inches of snow. Light showers could be upon us Friday and into early Saturday with the focus on light. Unless something develops, we will keep a weather eye on that outside chance.

A word of caution for the outlying locations in the county this weekend. With any clearing overnight, there may be frost cold enough to kill outdoor plants in the garden and containers. Here in the city we will see lows hover in the low 40s. It will feel chilly.

Haven’t had the heat on in your house yet? I bet someone in your household touches that thermostat by the weekend. Good time to clean air filters and stack the fireplace or wood stove with dry wood. Oh, those autumn nights. Don’t you love them?

Vancouver’s rainfall so far this month stood at 3.47 inches as of 5 p.m. Monday. About 2.5 inches above average. No complaints, we needed the moisture badly and we had an easy fire season which is just about extinguished.

Take good care and enjoy the next two days. We will chat more about chilly weather on Thursday.


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