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Weather Eye: Get warm clothes ready because fall weather is already here

Today is the last day of summer, can you believe that? It seems like we have been in fall mode weather-wise all month. More rain will fall today with a chance of a thunderstorm.

After writing my column Wednesday for Thursday’s paper, it poured down with rain, with under one inch in the bucket for Vancouver. As of 5 p.m. Saturday, we had 3.3 inches for the month, way above average.

When autumn officially arrives Monday, I think we will be mild and dry. But more showers are possible Tuesday.

The message for us is that highs may struggle to reach 60 degrees and lows will be in the 40s. Don’t know how much rain will fall, but for sure the last week of September goes out on a cool and damp note.

Wonder what October holds for us? I wouldn’t be surprised if it remains cool and wet. Snow building in the higher ski areas. Skiing for Halloween or maybe a trick or treat?

OK, we really know fall is here when I get emails about the woolly bear caterpillars. Which by the way can be seen in any wooded location crawling around on the ground. Watch your step! We will accumulate a consensus soon and see what these little critters say about the pending winter months. Always fun, not always accurate. We continue the tradition.

We managed around 5 p.m. Saturday to reach a high of 70 degrees. Good thing, might not reach or surpass that for a while if the cooler weather stays on track heading our way.

Get your jackets out of the closet and brush them off for later this week.


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