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Columbia cleanup targets boats, camps

A coalition of police departments, state and local agencies, and community action groups in Oregon are reducing the number of abandoned boats and unpermitted camping sites on the Columbia River.

The most recent action started Friday when the Oregon Department of State Lands and the Oregon State Marine Board began clearing abandoned, derelict vessels. The work will continue through this weekend.

The Department of State Lands also worked with local police departments and government agencies earlier this month to clean up several unauthorized beach encampments along the Columbia River. More than 7 tons of garbage was removed during these cleanups.

Notices were posted prior to both actions.

“Together we are chipping away at this problem a bit at a time,” Chris Castelli, the Department of State Lands’ north operation manager, said in a statement. “The various partners all play different roles here, and we all support each other to achieve a common goal. We’re making progress but have a long way to go.”




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