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Weather Eye: Next few days will be interspersed with rain, but Saturday is safe

Have you had enough of this rainfall the past several days? Well, enjoy today as we expect no rain falling from the skies and no street flooding. The ponds in your garden should soak in and dry out.

We do have another weather system moving by to our north on Friday, but any showers would threaten mostly northern Clark County and up into Cowlitz County. Then — drum roll, please — Saturday should see mostly sunny skies by noon or so and a high of 70 degrees, which is still below average.

Now don’t get too excited, as clouds will be increasing Saturday afternoon before rain begins to fall around midnight. I think outdoor events such as weddings will just make it. Right now, Sunday looks wet at times. Monday looks partly sunny, Tuesday has a chance of light rain or showers mainly to the north and Wednesday looks sunny.

Whew, that was a lot of weather wish-casting. Those sunny days between now and next week will not be the summer variety with highs in the 80s. I think those days are over or will be limited. At least the official arrival of autumn on Monday appears to be on the sunny side.

Rainfall here in Vancouver through 5 p.m. Wednesday totaled 2.22 inches, surpassing the entire month’s average rainfall. Our local weather observers in the outlying areas have even more rain to report so far. Murphy Dennis on Rawson Road has over six inches of rain so far.

Get outside between weather systems and soak in a few rays. We’ll chat Sunday, on the last full day of summer.


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