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Weather Eye: Keep dry as rainy month continues

More rain is on tap for today and it could be moderate to heavy at times. Then we transition to showers Wednesday and maybe a thunderstorm. As of 5 p.m. Monday, Vancouver had 1.84 inches in the official rain bucket, which is well above average for the entire month.

Yep, even if we had no rain the rest of the month, and that isn’t going to happen, we would end up above average. With today’s rainfall and more on Sunday we will be way above normal by the end of the month. Last year in 2018, Vancouver measured just 1.22 inches of rain in September.

I expect another inch of rain today and Wednesday before things dry out a little. By dry I mean hopefully partly sunny and dry on Thursday. We may see some showers on Friday or if the weather gods are in a good mood, no rain. The best day coming up is Saturday, when we will see a return to a high of 70 degrees and mostly sunny. Sunday another storm arrives for rainy conditions.

The air aloft was cold Monday, with snow falling at Timberline, not really sticking much but it was in the air. I watched it on a webcam and it really reminded me we are getting close to snow season in the mountains.

It will be a while before we have to worry about snow on the mountain passes but you know how time flies. With all the rain one would think the rainy season is upon us. It is a little early, things could dry out by the end of the month and have a period of warm and dry weather in early October.

Our highs will be in the 60s this week, which is far below the average of 76 degrees. Our last 80-degree day was September 12th; will that be the last? The rainfall the first half of this month is the wettest start to September in over 20 years, looking back at records.

Keep dry.


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