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Weather Eye: Bundle up and be prepared for more wet weather this week

Even though technically we have a few days left of summer according to the calendar, I don’t see any summer-like weather in the offing this week. Rain today, showers Monday, rain Tuesday, showers Wednesday. And on it goes. With some luck we may see a partly sunny day before the autumn equinox that occurs September 23.

Many look forward to fall but many also dread thinking of the autumn season with picnics, backyard barbeques and time around the pool put away for another year. But hey, there are always some yummy fall treats when the weather gets nasty outside. Many drinks with of course fresh harvested pumpkins. I had a free sample yesterday of a pumpkin spice glazed donut in one of our local stores.

At 5 p.m. Saturday, it was raining along the Washington coast and some stiff southerly winds as well. That rain will wet our area by early today. It could be moderate to heavy at times in some locations. Then another soaker with at least one inch of rain locally Monday night into Tuesday.

I wouldn’t rule out some thunderstorms Monday with hail as colder air aloft follows today’s cold front. Snow will fall as low as 6,000 feet in the Cascades and about 6500-7,000 feet on Mount Hood. The rest of the week looks like a chance of showers Thursday through the weekend.

But, if things work out, perhaps Saturday will be partly sunny. My niece is having an outdoor wedding that day and I would hate to get soaked.

Skies did clear enough to see the full Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th. Spooky huh?

Bundle up, be prepared for wet weather and help keep the storm drains open by cleaning the deluge of leaves falling thanks to the rain and breezes this week.


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