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Weather Eye: With wet weather to come, rainy season may be off to early start

Thank goodness we got rid of those heavy downpours that dominated the weather scene over the weekend and into Monday.

Didn’t yesterday feel a bit like fall? At 4 p.m. in Vancouver, it was 71 degrees — a little cooler than normal. Today, we warm up to near 80 degrees with increasing clouds and humidity. I guess that means rain can’t be far behind.

Some light rain was in the forecast for tonight with skies clearing during the day Friday. Perhaps skies will be clear enough to see the full Sturgeon Moon, which falls on a Friday the 13th this year.

Any break we get Friday will be short lived as we have more rain scheduled over the weekend. A good soaking again could be in the offing Sunday and Monday. This would hit everyone, unlike those hit-or-miss showers and thunderstorms earlier this week.

Can this be the start of the rainy season already? If so, it is about a month ahead of schedule. We’ll see how long this weather pattern lasts. There is some indication we’ll get a few warm and dry days later next week. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

You may not have seen between the breaks in the clouds, but there was some ‘first of the season’ light snow sticking to the craggy rocks on Mount Hood at about the 9,000-foot level Tuesday. It melted off yesterday, I’m sure.

Looking at the rain bucket in Vancouver yesterday, it appears we’ve had nearly an inch of rain so far this month — 0.9 of an inch, about half an inch above average. However, some of you around the county have had two or three times that amount, at least.


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