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Weather Eye: Light rain, thunderstorms might be heading our way

Clouds were stubborn to burn off Monday, which kept the high temperature down a bit. Meanwhile at noon, while Vancouver was cloudy, the ocean beaches were mostly clear, sunny and warmer than here. Go figure.

No need for excessive temperatures while the kids are in school. Highs in the 80s this week are fine. Some moisture moves up from California on Thursday and Friday and we could see some light rain showers or maybe a thunderstorm.

Meanwhile, the past couple of days I have been tracking Hurricane Dorian and am amazed at how slow it was moving. Imagine such a huge storm moving 1 mile per hour. Remember some of our past windstorms off the Pacific? They move onshore, pack a good punch but in a few short hours they are gone.

The devastation of a storm lingering like that hurricane is nothing short of catastrophic. The poor Bahamas. As of my writing Monday afternoon, hopes were that it would quickly turn northward and stay off the eastern coastline. Still, coastal areas will get storm surges, excessive rainfall and at least tropical-force winds. This storm has been in the headlines for too long. Time for it to go away.

One year ago, this is what I wrote in my column: “I took a hike the other day through the forest. The air was still. Sunshine peered down through the towering trees, squirrels were busy gathering a bounty for winter. … In such a grand surrounding on such a bright sunny day … nature was very much alive and preparing for the long days of winter weather. Are you?”



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