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Weather Eye: New month brings end of summer, transition into fall

Today is a new month and a fresh start to a new season for us weather folks. Welcome to autumn. Despite pleasant temperatures, I think there is a touch of fall in the air. Can you feel it? Some trees are showing fall colors and afternoon skies are hazy.

The Labor Day holiday weekend usually signals the last breath of summer and the entrance of the fall season. Schools are back in session; Football fields are busy; Plenty of fall activities shaping up.

It will now be a battle between the lower temperatures of fall and the tentacles of summer lingering with higher afternoon temperatures. We will feel that with highs in the 80s through Wednesday. We could see another 90-degree high Tuesday or Wednesday. Right now, I foresee upper 80s close to 90.

It continues on the dry-side, although the coast had a bit of light rain early Saturday morning. I don’t see another chance of rain this week, although sprinkles may be close by on Thursday.

Vancouver had 0.59 of an inch of rain in August, 0.14 of an inch below average. Our temperatures were not noteworthy as the average mean temperature of 70.2 degrees was just under one degree above average. That was not due to excessive heat but higher overnight low temperatures. We managed only two days last month with highs of 90 degrees or better. That brings us to a total of eight for the year, still about six days below average.



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