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Weather Eye: Muggy day ahead as rain approaches

It now appears the weather system we chatted about coming through on Wednesday will hold together and give us about a tenth of an inch of rain and upward of a quarter-inch to half-inch possible, certainly in the foothills and higher elevations.

No worries because it will be a fast mover and out of here by the next day. Then we have highs in the upper 70s and low 80s the rest of the week into the weekend. Today we see highs in the mid-80s and it will feel quite humid. Just like the tropics. In addition, high to midlevel clouds will be on the increase, which could affect the high temperature. Regardless, a warm and muggy day.

The skies Sunday were crystal clear blue in the afternoon hours. Here we are in the midpoint of the wildfire season and no major fires are burning. That equals no smoky skies. How wonderful is that?

There is another weather system going by to our north over the weekend, but as of right now I am discounting any rainfall locally. Always good to mention for good measure. Have you noticed the longer nights and more dew on the grass? Yes, August is waning at a fast pace it seems.

Makes you wonder where summer went. Locally, schools start next week and usually the weather turns hot. We’ll see this go-round but I’m not anticipating any 90-degree weather.

The weather system that brings us a little rain Wednesday is forecast to be a soaker further north in our state. A couple inches of rain could fall along the central and northern coast and the Olympics. If traveling to the Emerald City it will be wet and a good half-inch of rain in the Sound is likely.

Well, enjoy the warm and muggy weather today, watch for the fast-moving “rain storm” Wednesday. Then a quiet weather pattern through the weekend and pleasant temperatures. Make the most of it and we will chat on Thursday.


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