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Clark Asks: Help us narrow down these intriguing questions

Ever wondered about the old buildings on the Providence Academy grounds? How about the signs that seem to be everywhere in rights of way? Or what happens to the money left over in candidate coffers after an election?

You have a chance to find out.

The questions for this month’s voting round come from three readers who reached out through our Clark Asks page to take part in our community-led reporting project.

Voting continues until Aug. 21 at We will announce the winner once the voting is done.

The questions are:

• What’s with the creepy, abandoned building in the Providence Academy parking lot?

• On rights of way throughout the city, there are signs advertising things like roofing, gutter cleaning, painting, etc. Aren’t these against code?

• What happens to campaign money after the elections? Who monitors these funds and how often? Is that information available to the public?

If your favorite doesn’t get the most votes, don’t worry. We often pursue second- and third-place stories, as well.

Readers can also submit questions about things they are curious about in Clark County at the link above.

And while you’re visiting the Clark Asks page, check out the “What’s that Weird Thing in Clark County?” map. We’ve mapped some of the stories generated by reader questions and included follow-up stories.


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