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Weather Eye: More unsettled weather may be on way for weekend

Some light rainfall did drop from the skies Friday as planned. If you were at the Fair Friday evening you may have gotten wet, especially that last hour of the event. Most fairgoers took it in stride.

To our east Friday evening there was plenty of lightning, heavy downpours and hail too. Much of this curved northwest and just brushed northeast Clark County and then traveled up I-5 to Puget Sound. Lightning could be seen even from the ocean beaches off to the east Friday night.

Instability in the atmosphere caused thunderstorms to break out Saturday afternoon to our southwest and were moving toward Vancouver with light to moderate rain around 5 p.m.

We will have seasonal weather the next few days but highs will struggle to make 80 degrees. Looking ahead, we could see more unsettled weather toward the end of this week much like last week. I do not see hot weather coming our way any time soon.

Rainfall for the month so far in Vancouver as of 5 p.m. Saturday stood at a third of an inch, much above average for the month. If long range charts pan out next weekend, we could add another tenth of an inch or more. We’ll see.

We have had six days at 90 degrees or higher this summer. In a normal year, we see about 14-16 days of 90-degree weather. With none on the horizon and September waiting in the wings, we may not reach that milestone this year. Of course, that is fine with me.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.


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