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Weather Eye: Weekend will be cooler, with a chance of showers

Does it feel better outside now? The marine air began trickling in Tuesday and lowered our high into the low 80s. Today will be no different with the main flow of air off the cool ocean. Extended weather charts indicate much cooler weather the next 10 days or so. We will at times see highs below the season average. Not much in rainfall but more of that June gloom stuff.

As mentioned earlier this week, a downturn will arrive this weekend with a weak weather system moving through for a chance of showers or light rain. Our highs today through the weekend will only be in the 70s. Hopefully we warm a bit next week.

I see the Farmers’ Almanac is out in retail stores. A sure sign of autumn approaching. Overall for the winter they predict for us a cold and stormy fall and winter season. Of course, that can mean many things. Lowland snow? Windstorms? Who knows? Remember their accuracy rate is only 20 to 25 percent. For the most part, they predict the entire U.S. will be cold and wet, even the southern tier of states. We’ll see.

The annual Perseid meteors are shooting across our nighttime skies. Best viewing is after midnight and away from city lights. Hopefully, despite an increase in marine cloudiness, we have some clearing in the late evening hours before these are gone. The dog days of summer end in a few days. Flowers and gardens are in full bloom thanks to the great weather lately.

Our average mean temperature is running about 4.5 degrees above normal. Rainfall tally is at .10 of an inch, about average so far for the month. We’ll see if we can add another tenth of an inch like we did last week.

With the weak weather system moving up from California in a day or two, thunderstorms will possibility build over and east of the Cascades. With the extreme hot weather Eastern Oregon and Washington have experienced, we certainly do not need more lightning. Already we have wildfires burning from previous lightning strikes.


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