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Weather Eye: Hang in there, cooler temps are on the way

Tired of the heat? If so, cooling is on the way back to more seasonal weather conditions. As mentioned here the other day, forecast models still hint of some rainfall by the weekend, nothing major but on the damp side.

I won’t mind a few showers to freshen things up and I really enjoy the smell of fresh rain falling, which by the way we call petrichor. The phrase was first introduced back in 1964 when two scientists from Australia were studying the smells of wet weather after a prolonged dry period. I guess there are a couple of chemical reactions taking place. Regardless, it is refreshing, don’t you think?

High temperatures were 86 degrees on Saturday and 93 degrees on Sunday. I was expecting Monday’s high to be at or below 90 degrees. Today we have similar temperatures to Monday unless the ocean air arrives in the afternoon, keeping it into the more comfortable 80s.

A friend went to the Clark County Fair on Sunday and mentioned to me that hey, it is always hot during fair week or so it seems. Well, this week is the warmest week of the year, but our average high temperature drops back below 80 degrees by the weekend.

Indian tribes referred to this August full moon as sturgeon, because these very large fish were most readily caught during this month. The full moon occurs on Aug. 15. Skies were clear enough Sunday night to somewhat see the aurelia borealis. In the Puget Sound region, they had a beautiful display of wavering green hues.

Sitting outside this month and listening to the evening crickets? No need to look up the temperature; just sit back, relax and count the number of chirps in 15 seconds and then add 37. That will give you the approximate outside temperature. Interesting how yet another sign of nature shares it secrets.

Enjoy the warmth this week and we will chat on Thursday and rest assured cooling is on the way. Summer still reigns.


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