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Clark County Fair Results: Aug. 1

Aug. 1


Under 6

Best of Division, Rylie Govern, Damascus, Ore.

Reserve of Division, Tristian Meyericks, Damascus, Ore.

6 to 11 Years

Best of Division, Charis Hwang, Vancouver.

Reserve of Division, Zachary Muelheim, Battle Ground.

12 to 17 Years

Best of Division, Emeline Wolff, Woodland.

Reserve of Division, Emaline Taylor, Hockinson.

18 and Older

Best of Division, Gene Will, Vancouver.

Reserve of Division, Cynthia Geelan, Woodland.


Best of Division, Bob Horsley, Vancouver.

Reserve of Division, Pam Schwartz, Vancouver.

Best Displayed Entry, John Critchfield, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Nelson Holmberg, Vancouver.

Most Educational, Michael Altig, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Sannon Carlson, Vancouver.

Best Workmanship, Hal Stevens, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Bob Roski, Vancouver.

Most Original, Shana Stewart, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Allison Domingos, Battle Ground.

Best Use of Recycled Materials, Dave Coonrod, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Dwight Bartlet, Vancouver.

Most Unusual, Nancy Bartlett, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Duke DesRochres, Brush Prairie.

Best Fair Themed, Archer Phillips, Ridgefield.

Honorable Mention, Taylor Wagner, Vancouver.


Judges’ Choice, Holly Carstensen, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Lauryn Campbell, Vancouver.

Construction Toys

Judges’ Choice, Tyler Dick, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Liam Dailey, Vancouver.

Children’s Artwork

Judges’ Choice, Cameron Howard, Washougal.

Honorable Mention, Malia Frazier, Vancouver.


Judges’ Choice, Kathleen Duncan, Ridgefield.

Honorable Mention, Toby Schultz, Battle Ground.


Superintendent’s Choice, Emeline Wolff, Woodland.

Honorable Mention, Dewena Carlson, Ridgefield.

Construction Toys

Superintendent’s Choice, Tyler Hartlauer, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Keith Angell, Portland.

Children’s Artwork

Superintendent’s Choice, Taylor Wagner, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Elizabeth Boguhn, Kalama.


Superintendent’s Choice, Hal Stevens, Vancouver.

Honorable Mention, Kathleen Duncan, Ridgefield.


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