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Weather Eye: Seasonal temperatures to continue

Summer continues and we ride along on a pleasant weather regime. The absence of excessive heat is most welcome; weak occasional influxes of cooler marine air is appreciated by outdoor workers. The gardeners in our county are smiling as the explosion of zucchinis are ongoing, tomatoes are ripe on the vines and the corn is growing tall.

Perfect summer weather. Yes, we had some June gloom and some of that carried over into July. We are used to daily full sunshine in July so a morning overcast can cast doubts. We enjoy warm weather close to 90 degrees today, a few degrees cooler Friday and then seasonal temperatures through the weekend and into early next week. No rain in sight.

As expected, and I mentioned this in an earlier column this week, thunderstorms moved up the Cascades and spilled over east of the mountains, giving a wide array of lightning, gusty winds and some brief rain. From Central Washington over to Spokane the display of lightning was impressive. A few small wildfires were started from the lightning.

What is interesting to me is that Vancouver’s average mean temperature this month is at 68 degrees, which is exactly normal. Warm cloudy nights did indeed offset the cooler cloudy days. We know that our rainfall is above average by one-third of an inch thanks in part to scattered thunderstorms earlier in the month.

We are now in the warmest time of the year through about Aug. 10. The way we are going we may not see a 100-degree reading much less reaching a string of 90-degree days. August could surprise us for sure, but looking into the first few days of August temperatures still look more seasonal in nature.

We are well into the dog days of summer that began on July 12 but not much in the way of the hot and sultry weather associated with it. Old Roman astrology associated the period July 12 to Aug. 20 with heat, drought, thunderstorms, lethargy, bad luck and mad dogs.


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