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Clark County treasurer to restart Crass estate donations

The Clark County Treasurer’s Office is again starting to make charitable donations from the estate of Lura M. Crass.

Crass drew up her will in 1933, saying the Clark County treasurer should act as trustee and use the funds from the sale of her home to benefit the community. A provision says the money should be used “for the care, maintenance, support and assistance of orphan or homeless children who reside in Clark County, Washington, and who are under the age of 13 years.”

When former Treasurer Doug Lasher managed the trust, interest rates dropped to historic lows and the principal of the fund was not earning significant returns. Lasher decided to preserve the principal amount of the estate and halt contributions, a county news release said.

As the new estate trustee, current Treasurer Alishia Topper is disbursing funds again and recently selected Bridge the Gap, which will receive $3,000, along with quarterly donations.

“I’m honored to be the new steward of Mrs. Crass’ charitable giving and help achieve her final wishes to support orphaned or homeless children,” Topper said in the news release. “Although orphanages closed in America in the ’50s and ’60s, I believe giving to an organization that supports children in the foster care system fulfills the intent of Lura Crass’ will. I am pleased I can reinstate donations in her honor and continue her legacy.”

Bridge the Gap enriches the lives of children in foster or kinship care. The nonprofit serves more than 1,000 children annually in partnership with the state Department of Children, Youth, and Families in Clark and Skamania counties. Chair Lynn Miller said the donation is greatly appreciated.

“Every dollar will go directly to children in foster care in Clark County. Bridge the Gap won’t have to decline a request for camp, tutoring, sports, music lessons, gymnastics, senior pictures and so much more,” Miller said.


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