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Weather Eye: 90-degree days unlikely rest of month

Temperatures were quite pleasant Monday, I would say, with a high of 85 degrees. While Portland and Seattle reached 91 degrees Sunday, Vancouver managed 89 degrees. It has been a while since we had hot temperatures. The last 90-degree days were June 11 and 12 with back-to-back 96-degree readings.

Normally each summer we can expect about 14 or 15 days at or above 90 degrees. Will we make it this year? Certainly not if things keep going the way they have.

Looking ahead I don’t see any 90-degree high temperatures for the rest of the month, but as always that could change. I think we enjoy comfortable highs between the upper 70s when clouds appear to mid- to upper 80s under clear skies.

And we will have a little of that with marine cloudiness today and Wednesday to a lesser extent. High pressure holds Thursday through the weekend with highs at 80 or above. I will say if you head any mileage north of Clark County it is possible for a few sprinkles, drizzle or showers, especially along the coastal strip.

Remember the ups and downs of the northern jet stream this summer? Yep, it wants to dip further south but I foresee no rain locally unless we have some mist or drizzle out of the marine low clouds. No worries, summer continues.

While writing my column Monday I was looking at items I was mentioning on July 22 over the years. In 2009 on that date we were expecting an intense heat wave with highs at 100 degrees. In 2010 after a rough spring with mosquitoes, swarms of grasshoppers were in the air. In 2011, it was so chilly early in the morning hours that you could see your breath at 44 degrees. In 2014 I was watching an impressive display of lightning to our east over the Cascades in the late evening hours.

And so it goes, making memories each and every day.


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