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Weather Eye: Forecast appears stuck on spring until further notice

The calendar says it is summer, but the forecast implies springlike weather to continue until further notice. The clouds increase today and later this evening and Wednesday we will see varying amounts of rainfall. The most will be west and north of Clark County.

I suspect we’ll get about a quarter-inch of rain locally and perhaps upward of 1 inch over the coastal mountains of Western Washington and a half-inch along the coast. Then again, amounts could be lighter; it depends where the heaviest band of moisture travels. It will feel humid the next few days as this is coming to us from the southwest.

Nothing worse than moist sticky air to breathe, but that’s the forecast, folks. Temperatures, which should be close to 80 degrees, should reside in the 70s with humidities to match or higher. We had a brief taste of that really hot stuff and extremely low humidity about a month ago, so now we feel the difference.

Rain chances decrease by Thursday and we are back to a marine influence with some clouds, some sunshine and highs in the 75- to 80-degree range. So, a lackluster summer forecast. Good news: It delays our wildfire season, which may turn out not so bad? Who knows?

It seems like an odd summer so far to me. But still, no complaints as I take you in tow, waiting to see what comes our way beyond what the weather eye can presently reveal.


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