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Weather Eye: Sampling of highs in 80s getting us ready for what’s to come

I would say that Saturday was just about a picture-perfect summer day, wouldn’t you? A high of 80 degrees here in Vancouver, gentle summer breezes — can’t get any better than that can it?

Today we bid farewell to June on its last day, and climate-wise welcome the real days of summer warmth beginning Monday. However, after another 80-degree day today, a large cool trough of low pressure will be moving inland the next couple of days, and I think we lower into the 70s with another chance of those pesky thundershowers.

The main course of action Monday through Wednesday will be over the Cascades, but as we know from last week, always a chance we are lucky and get one here in the lowlands. So, watch the skies when you see those building cumulus clouds.

Beginning about the time folks start leaving town, higher pressure builds inland and we warm back up into the 80s lasting right through the long Fourth of July holiday. How about that? A warm toast to a patriotic holiday.

June will go into the record books as another dry month, and assuming we receive no rain before midnight, Vancouver will end up with 0.63 inch, 1.16 inches below normal. Our average mean temperature for June was 1 degree above average. Another warm month.

Our average highs now are in the mid-70s, and lows in the mid-50s. I don’t foresee any really hot or cold weather for this week. Pleasant to “warm” for we who like it at or below 80.

To sum things up, great weather everywhere for the holiday, even along the coast with sunny skies there. Some thunderstorms ending Wednesday over the Cascades. We will see if any adjustments are needed when we get together on Tuesday.


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