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Vancouver, Round lakes placed under warning due to elevated toxin levels

Clark County Public Health has upgraded advisories at Vancouver Lake and Round Lake following test results that found elevated levels of cyanotoxins in the water.

Vancouver Lake and Round Lake in Camas are now under warning, and caution signs at the lakes are being replaced with warning signs.

As part of the warning, Public Health advises that people avoid contact with all water at Vancouver and Round lakes.

Cyanotoxins can be harmful to people, especially young children, and also deadly for small pets who drink the water, according to a Public Health news release.

Public Health has been monitoring blue-green algae, or blooms of cyanobacteria, at Vancouver Lake since June 12, and at Round and Lacamas lakes since Monday.

Lacamas Lake test results didn’t show elevated toxin levels, so that Camas lake will remain under caution. Public Health cautions that as long as the algae is present, toxin levels could increase as lake conditions change.

Public Health recommends: no swimming or water skiing in areas of scum; no drinking lake water; no water contact for animals in areas of scum; avoid areas of scum when boating; clean fish well and discard organs.

The blue-green algae feeds off of sunlight and warmth, which means the warnings could continue to occur at local bodies of water throughout summer.

For Lacamas Lake, health officials advise that people and pets avoid contacting areas of water with floating blue-green scum.

Public Health will continue to monitor the lakes as long as the blooms are present, taking weekly samples to test toxin levels in the water.

More information can be found at the Public Health public beach website. You can report algae blooms at Public Health’s website.


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