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Weather Eye: Rain, cooler temperatures this week; Fourth could be toasty

It was pleasant Monday, with highs reaching 70 degrees in Vancouver at 5 p.m. It will be more of a struggle in the next several days when cooler air resides over us. I walked on the beach on the Long Beach Peninsula Monday under clear skies and a temperature at 70. The ocean water was unusually warm in the low 60s.

It was a little slice of heaven with near solitude, with only the seagulls and shore birds exhibiting their usual frantic behaviors. It won’t be like that the rest of the week. Looking at the upper atmosphere, I wouldn’t rule out some thundershowers late Wednesday through Thursday. If you get one over your house, expect a deluge. Of course, when thunder roars, get indoors.

Looking over the horizon into next week and the Fourth of July, it is possible we warm up into the 80s and enjoy a dry and toasty holiday. We certainly won’t see 80 degrees until at least Monday.

Rainfall totals the next four days will vary depending on how much instability we get in the afternoon and evening hours and the movement of showers. Still, if I had to guess, we could receive one-half inch of rain, maybe an inch with a thunderstorm.

It will for sure rain on Thursday. That reminds me of that piece of old weather lore I shared with you recently. When it rains on June 27, expect seven more weeks of rain. That would be a dream for wildfire fighters and forest managers but a nightmare for the recreational industry. I highly doubt that would ever come to fruition.

Enjoy the showers and we will chat on Thursday.


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