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Weather Eye: Highs will struggle to reach 70 degrees throughout week

We finally had some rainfall Friday, albeit on the light side — generally less than a tenth of an inch. Did it help your garden? Not really, but it did freshen the air a bit. We have a rather large trough of cold low pressure forecast to drop down from the Gulf of Alaska and park itself off the coast all this week.

This means we have a chance of showers or light rain any day Tuesday through Friday, and highs will struggle to reach 70 degrees. We should be enjoying average highs of 74 or 75 degrees now. So now that the calendar shows it is summer, the weather will act more like late spring.

There will be some unstable air over us at times, so I can’t rule out a thundershower occurring somewhere. I believe thunderstorms will mostly be over and east of the Cascades. The cool, damp air mass will be great for holding off on high fire danger, so that is one blessing.

Now, it doesn’t mean we will have complete cloud cover and the June gloom over us the entire week, so expect some sunny periods. It will just be cloudy and damp at times — and breezy. There will be a good west wind blowing up through the Columbia River Gorge. Great for windsurfers.

Overall, Vancouver isn’t doing too bad on the average mean temperature: 64.9 degrees, 2.2 degrees above normal. Rainfall is 0.40 inch, so we are lacking in that department by more than 1 inch. We may add some to those rain statistics this week.


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