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Weather Eye: We got into the 90s, now let’s cool down

Did it feel warm enough for you Wednesday? How did you sleep Tuesday night? Unless you hunkered down in an air-conditioned dwelling, there was no escape here in the city. It was a little cooler maybe under the tall shade trees along the Lewis River. Along the open Columbia River, it was hot with exposure to those east to northeast winds that were blowing Wednesday.

The immediate coastline was more tolerable, but it still reached the 80-degree mark under sunny skies. At 2:52 p.m. Wednesday in Vancouver, we had reached 96 degrees, surpassing the record of 94 degrees set in 2002. We also set a record overnight low with 61 degrees early Wednesday, breaking the previous of 60 degrees set in 2009.

I believe that since we had reached 96 degrees around 3 p.m., there was still a couple of good hours for it to rise even more.

Two factors kept us away from the 100-degree mark. Those hazy high clouds passing overhead held the heating down a little bit. Also, a slight wind shift from east to more west/northwesterly also tempered the heat.

It doesn’t really matter, 96 degrees or 100 degrees — both are in the “hot” category. We also had a high Tuesday of 96 degrees, which didn’t surpass the record of 98 degrees but was our first 90-degree reading since Sept. 5.

Portland managed to reach 98 degrees, and Seattle set a record at 95 degrees. That is extremely warm for Puget Sound — even in July or August. Quite unusual.

OK, the good news is cooler weather today in the lower 80s and then near 80 degrees Friday through Sunday. How many morning clouds we get and how long they linger naturally determines the high temperature.

Later today will be a great time to relax during the evening hours with an iced tea out on the deck or patio and breathe a sigh of heat relief and watch the garden grow. Join me on Sunday and we will look over last month’s rainfall.


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