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Weather Eye: Prepare for a couple days above 90 degrees, then cooler weekend

About the only complaint I suppose this week will be the hot weather today and Wednesday. I know there are readers that love the heat but upper 90s is a bit much. The good news is it will only last two days and then we drop into low 80s Thursday, 70s Friday and near 80 Saturday and Sunday.

At 4 p.m. Monday, it was 83 degrees in Vancouver with a stiff northwest breeze between 20-25 mph. The winds will gradually shift more northerly as things heat up today. The overnight low tonight will be especially warm, staying in the 60s in the main urban area. It will feel like hot August nights.

I see no rain in sight and with breezy north to northeast winds the next couple days, things will really dry out. The wildfire danger rises quickly. We are in full summer mode folks.

Sunday it was pleasant all the way down to the beaches with afternoon temperatures in the low 70s. If you want relief from the heat, head to the ocean. If you can’t make it, stay put, by the end of the week that ocean air will be coming our way. Although we warm up early next week, I don’t see 90-degree weather, only 80-degree temperatures.

We are in the meteorological summer and yet, the summer solstice won’t occur until June 21 at 8:54 a.m. local time. The weather and calendar usually don’t pair up.

It is a good thing most of our schools are air-conditioned. I remember in my younger days sitting in a sweltering classroom with windows open and fans running.

Well, keep cool the best you can, stay hydrated and we will chat on Thursday!


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