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Clark Asks: Plaza with clock, mural pique interest

It stands at the corner of Northeast Fourth Plain Boulevard and Gher Road: A small brick plaza featuring a clock and a mural that offers a view of a Clark County of years gone by.

Thousands of drivers pass through the busy intersection every day, and one them decided to pose this question to Clark Asks, a special reporting project at The Columbian guided by readers and their interests.

The question — “What is the history and story behind the mural and clock courtyard at the intersection of Fourth Plain and Gher Road?” — received the most support in a recent voting round on The Columbian’s website.

Reporter Patty Hastings has already started working on the story, which is tentatively scheduled to be published in our Community section on June 22.

The three questions in last month’s voting round generated one of the largest vote totals in the history of Clark Asks with the winning question facing a major challenge from this question: “I’m curious what the future holds for Waterworks Park? Will the amphitheater ever be used again?”

The story that received the fewest votes still received more total votes than many previous questions. It was: “What happens to campaign money after the elections? Who monitors these funds and how often? Is that information available to the public?”

Don’t be surprised if you see those two other stories in The Columbian in the not-too-distant future. Winning the voting round only means that it gets first priority for reporting.

We most recently answered a question about whether you can fish from the new Grant Street Pier at Vancouver Waterfront Park and reported the answer in the May 11 Community section.

We’ve also explained why so many parts of the Vancouver area have “Plain” in its name, discovered why Washington State Patrol has temporarily closed its weigh station north of Ridgefield and found out what’s in store for a large and unsightly tarp-covered sign at the site of a former Fred Meyer at East Fourth Plain and Grand boulevards in Vancouver.

All of those questions came from our readers.

We’re always on the lookout for new questions. Swing by the Clark Asks page and offer up your own question about a place, person or an issue in Clark County that mystifies or intrigues you.

Is there something that you’ve always wondered about? Clark Asks is your chance to get the answers.


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