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Weather Eye: Summer heat begins Tuesday with forecast in the 90s

The weather forecast went as planned with two days of April-like clouds and showers. Vancouver had 0.04 of an inch of rain Thursday and 0.30 of an inch Friday. Not a real good soaking but hey, anything helps.

Cloudy skies covered the local area early Saturday but showers ended and as the day went along, clearing skies greeted us. It was great for the parade in Portland, perfect marching weather, I’d say.

Just like Wednesday was a transition day into April-like weather, today will be the transition day into July-like weather. Highs this afternoon should mingle in the low 80s. Monday we bump it up a notch to the high 80s.

Then summer heat really begins on Tuesday and Wednesday as we ignite the atmosphere into the hot 90s. But no worry, winds will switch later in the week and our natural air conditioner, ocean air, will seep inland and bring us back down in the comfortable 70s by Friday.

Things will really dry out rapidly this week with north to northeast winds. This also mean fire danger will rise quickly. Already grasses along freeways are turning dry and brown. I’m sure by the end of the week we will hear of some wildfires.

As of Saturday morning, for the first seven days of June, Vancouver had 0.34 of an inch of rain, about a quarter inch below average. The average mean temperature is 61.4 degrees, slightly below normal.

Get ready for hot weather!


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