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Woodland schools to have reopening stages

The Woodland School District has announced its remote learning plan and staged reopening approach.

District officials outlined four stages of reopening, with the fourth stage involving the complete reopening of schools based on recommendations of state and local officials. Here’s what the process will look like, according to a news release issued Thursday:

Stage 1

The first phase will consist almost entirely of distance learning. Limited in-person learning will be offered to at-risk students, such as those with disabilities, in groups no larger than four students.

Stage 2

Schools will enter the second phase once the number of new COVID-19 cases falls below 75 cases per 100,000 people in Clark and Cowlitz counties within a 14-day period. Other metrics such as overall case count, hospitalizations and test positivity rates will also guide the district’s decisions.

Students in kindergarten through fourth grade will spend a portion of the day at school and the rest of the day at home. Those in fifth through 12th grades will continue distance learning with face-to-face support options in groups of up to five people.

Stage 3

The third stage will require fewer than 25 cases per 100,000 people. It will include two options to be decided by district officials.

One option will allow students in kindergarten through third grade to attend school every day with a reduced schedule. Older students would participate in a hybrid, alternating-day schedule.

The other option would look the same, except fourth-graders would also be allowed to attend school every day with a reduced schedule.

What will grading and attendance look like?

The district’s grading model will return to the pre-pandemic system, with teachers issuing A through F letter grades.

Schools will provide live lessons at each grade level. Attendance will be required.

Families whose students cannot attend live lessons during the school day should reach out to school administrators for “asynchronous” (recorded) lesson options.

To learn more

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