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Clark County adds 38 new COVID-19 cases, one fatality

Clark County Public Health reported 38 new positive COVID-19 cases and one new death in statistics released Friday.

The new cases brings the county’s total number of cases to date at 2,219 and the total number of deaths to 43. Public Health said that the fatality was a man in his 70s with undetermined underlying conditions.

As of Friday, 19 people were hospitalized in Clark County with COVID-19, and two others were hospitalized awaiting test results.

The updates were released as new Public Health data showed that a downward trend was continuing in the percent of positive COVID-19 tests and demographic data showing that the disease has a disproportionate impact on the county’s Hispanic population.

Public Health data through July 25 showed that 2.85 percent of total tests had come back positive in Clark County, down from 3.08 percent from July 19-25; 3.94 percent from July 12-18; 4.4 percent from July 5-11; and 2.99 percent between June 28 and July 4.

Public Health also offered up new details about the race and ethnicity of those who tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Looking at ethnicity as of Aug. 11, the largest group of COVID-19 cases was non-Hispanic, with 969 cases, with 45.7 percent of the total, followed by Hispanic/Latinx with 526 cases, with 24.8 percent of the total, more than double the 10 percent of Clark County’s population identified as Hispanic in the 2018 American Community Survey. There were 626 instances to where there was no data collected, the ethnicity was unknown, declined or “other.”

Looking at race as of Aug. 11, the largest number of people diagnosed COVID-19 cases were white or Caucasian, with 1,079 of the total number of cases. There were 39 cases identified as more than one race, 31 cases identified as Black/African American, 31 cases identified as Asian, 28 for Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander and 10 for American Indian/Alaska Native.

There were 903 instances in which there was no data collected, where the race was unknown or declined or “other.”


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