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Weather Eye: Get ready to trade hazy skies for higher temperatures

Has it seemed a little hazy lately? Yep, more wildfire smoke from Siberia — seems like we have a bout or two of that every summer lately. Good news is that the air circulation will change later today; however, we trade hazy skies for hot weather once again. Highs Friday near 90 degrees, and 95-100 on Saturday and Sunday. That’s how it looks as I write this column.

One fly in the ointment will be moisture that will stream northward from what is left from Hurricane Elida off the northern California coast later this weekend. In situations like this, a southerly flow of air moisture rides north, colliding with a hot air mass, and showers or thunderstorms can develop.

Conditions have to be just right, so at this time it is a long shot, but keep it in mind. We’ll know more this weekend. The greatest chance would be along the coastal beaches and mountains. Meanwhile, forecast charts show this mini heat wave to have plenty of dry air. You like dry heat? Right. Makes the warmth more tolerable, they say. Nope, I’m still hot and will stay inside where it is cool, thank you.

The past two nights were the peak of the Perseid meteors. Nice, clear skies except for the haze. Did you go out viewing? I remember in my younger days spending the night outdoors in chaise lounge chairs covered with a blanket watching this annual event with the kids. Hot August nights. Oh, what memories.

With nine days at 90 degrees or higher so far this summer, most likely we add three days between Friday and Monday. That would get us close to the average of 14 or 15 days each summer.

Two years ago on this date we’d had 25 days of 90 degrees or better. We had one day in May, four in June, 14 in July and six as of Aug. 13, 2018. I thought at the time we would easily reach 30 days before August 2018 was over, which presented a chance that we would have the most 90-degree high temperatures in a calendar year.

No record breakers this year but interesting nonetheless.

Enjoy the heat wave, keep cool, and no sunburns.


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