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Weather Eye: High temperatures to begin slowly trending downward

The “rain storm” Thursday was enlightening and satisfying to everyone, I believe, unless you had outdoor projects in the way. Skies cleared later in the day so not all that bad right? Rainfall totals varied from a tenth of an inch to over one-half inch in our foothills. More than enough to settle the dust — at least for a day or two.

Vancouver picked up 0.21 inch, which was nearly three times what we measured all month in July. And it is about a third of what we would normally expect in August. So, a few notable facts in our otherwise serene weather pattern.

Another weak weather system slid by to our north Saturday, bringing a few light showers to our far north and a little drizzle along the coast but nothing here in Clark County. Now that that’s out of the way, we return to summer today through Tuesday with highs back in the 80s.

I enjoyed Saturday’s cooler temperatures in the afternoon in the 70s after the clouds began breaking up. Although running errands around town, I worked up a little sweat due to the higher humidity. At my age, it doesn’t take much! At least the evening northwest breezes were pleasant.

So far this month we are running close to average on the temperatures and rainfall, just slightly higher than normal. I was looking at the calendar while writing this column Saturday and realized we have about three weeks left in the month. Then of course autumn begins weather-wise with the arrival of September. Where has summer gone? Long time passing? I think this year, spring and summer were just a blended mix delivered in different ways to our not so normal lives.

This coming week our average high temperatures begin to slowly trend downward. Say no! But alas, that is true. I don’t see any 90-degree weather heading our way. Wednesday we go back to an onshore flow of air keeping it a little below average for highs mainly in the 70s and close to 82 degrees depending on the cloudiness. Could be a risk of sprinkles, but we will leave that out there hanging and discuss Tuesday.

Enjoy the great weather the next few days and take good care. Come chat with me on Tuesday.


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