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Weather Eye: A little rain could fall, but keep watering the lawn

As advertised, a weak weather system will drag what’s left of its clouds and moisture early today, breaking up later in the day and evening. Don’t expect much rainfall, maybe enough to settle the dust for a day or so.

Looking at satellite pictures late Wednesday, the cold front didn’t look impressive to me, but sometimes fronts muster enough moisture as they pass over the coastline and drag it over us.

I’d be dancing in the streets if it were a good gully washer, but alas, more of a slight short-lived noticeable change as we go about our business. It will be our first bout of measurable rain in nearly a month when a paltry .04 of an inch fell in Vancouver on July 7. That same amount occurred on July 1 and the last good rainfall was June 20 with .20 of an inch. Yep, it has been dry.

After today, high pressure builds and we enjoy close to seasonal temperatures and varying amounts of clouds sometimes hanging in the morning hours. Expect no heat waves in the next seven days and at this point no rain either. Although some forecast models hint of another weak event the middle of next week. Highs 77 to 84 degrees sounds great to me.

At least we have no hurricanes or tropical storms to fret about. Hurricane Isaias out in the Atlantic downgraded to a tropical storm and then back to a Category 1 hurricane played havoc with parts of the East Coast and mainly the Carolinas. It then weakened back to a tropical storm. From what I saw on the news reports and from a few weather buddies, there was extensive damage despite the low hurricane category from this storm.

Makes our little storm today look quite insignificant as we measure the rain in hundreds of an inch rather than in inches. Keep watering the property and enjoy the next several days of really tranquil weather. Summer is waning quickly so enjoy it the best you can during our current pandemic situation. We’ll chat on Sunday.



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