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Weather Eye: Lovely summer weather stretches into Thursday

Our delightful summer weather continues and not much change until Thursday. I mentioned here Sunday that we could see some showers on Thursday. It appears a little more promising now however, don’t expect buckets of rain falling.

It will be a weak cold front with most of the moisture to our north but various forecast models show about a tenth of an inch over Clark County, plus or minus. No complaints here. Wouldn’t a couple hours of light rain feel good and freshen the air? Good news, the front is a fast mover so clearing later in the day. Fingers crossed.

Friday through the weekend should offer seasonal weather with mostly clear skies, perhaps some higher clouds floating by. Temperatures near the normal of 82 degrees, plus or minus a couple, as I always say.

I enjoy sitting on my front porch every evening and watching the sunset. What else is there to do? I can honestly say that it is moving southward each evening, retreating from the far northern regions. Of course, that means darkness comes a wee bit earlier each night.

Despite a threat of moisture Thursday, keep watering the lawn and garden and potted plants. They still dry out quickly. Did it feel a little on the humid side yesterday? With a lack of wind and higher humidity, it felt warmer than the high of 84 degrees which was a couple degrees cooler than Sunday, as expected. I checked the observations for Vancouver and the strongest wind gust as of 5 p.m. Monday was only 8 mph. That occurred after several hours of dead calm winds.

Monday was an ideal day across all of Washington. Seattle reached 82 degrees, just behind Vancouver. Eastern Washington was much cooler than a few days ago with most cities in the 80s and a couple in the low to mid-90s. Pasco had the hot spot with 95 degrees. It was near 70 along the entire coastal strip as well.

Enjoy the sunset this evening and watch for that brief interlude into springtime weather late Wednesday and early Thursday. Highs Thursday will only in the 70s.



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