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Weather Eye: We should see 90 again today, then catch a break

At least we got some cooling after that record-setting 100 degrees on Sunday and 99 degrees (no record) on Monday. We managed to stay out of the 90s Tuesday with a high of 89 degrees. However, warmer air returned, and as I write this column Wednesday it is in the low 90s in the greater Vancouver area.

Another high in the 90s today, and then in the low to mid-80s for the next five days. Summer reigns. We may see some thundering-looking clouds today from the south, but moisture is limited so chances of thunderstorms with rain are low. We don’t need dry lightning over the Cascades right now.

There were a few wildfires in Central Oregon that were started by dry lightning a few days ago. Vegetation is quite dry right now, and it wouldn’t take much for a fire to take off. Hopefully we stay free of thunderstorms the next week or so.

After a cool start with the high temperatures earlier this month, Vancouver is now nearly 1 degree above average. Rainfall is just a brief memory and less than a tenth of an inch. July is usually dry anyway.

If you wish to escape the heat, the ocean beaches will have pleasant weather; however, more fog and low clouds over the weekend may keep highs in the chilly 50s. Skies locally should remain clear overnight if you wish to watch the Perseid meteors.

The hot spot Wednesday and today was east of the mountains, where late Wednesday afternoon most locations were in the low 100s. A heat advisory was in place. Nothing unusual there as it is common to be 100 degrees or higher in Eastern and Central Washington this time of the year.

If you remember two years ago on this date, we had recorded nine days in a row of 90 degrees or higher ending with a high of 91 degrees on July 30, 2018. Whew! Not only are we in the dog days of summer, we are also in the doldrums of weather excitement. But that is OK with me. All quiet on the western front is good.


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