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Weather Eye: Do you recall the last time Vancouver reached 100?

Today was forecast to be a scorcher, and Monday too. I expect local neighborhoods to have high temperatures between 98 and 102 degrees both days. Then, mid-80s on Tuesday, near 90 on Wednesday and then 80s the rest of the week.

Still no rain foreseen, although it is quite possible the coastal strip gets some drizzle or light rain next weekend. Too far away to fret about. Meanwhile, what are you doing to keep your cool today? I would say Saturday was ideal with a nice northwest wind and afternoon temperatures in the low 80s. It was much windier along the Columbia River and across Vancouver Lake, where winds were gusting to 30 mph. Lots of whitecaps on both.

I will say that the overnight lows will be pleasant, mainly in the 60s, unless you are out in the rural locations. So, a warm night in the city heading our way. A great time for camping outside in the backyard with the kiddos and doing a little stargazing.

With highs near the century mark, when was the last time we saw 100 degrees in Vancouver? Think back –no prize, only personal memory satisfaction. As my memory serves me, I remembered July 15, 2018, but Vancouver officially only reached 99 degrees. Portland had 100. Seeking the record books, I found it was 101 degrees on June 25, 2017. As one gets older the years seem to run together, believe me. So glad for computer databases assisting human memory cells.

I have been keeping weather records and writing about the weather in one way or another for more than 50 years. That is a lot of highs and lows, and of course some years stick out better than others. Especially if you can tie it to a good memory. Make some good memories today and Monday as we reach that elusive 100-degree temperature.

With a slight offshore breeze today and Monday, you will notice the relative humidity will be quite low, which makes it easier to move around outside in such hot temperatures. Friday’s high was only 71 degrees, but with all the low clouds earlier in the day, the humidity was really high in the 65-75 percent range.


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