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Weather Eye: ‘Perfect summer weather’ forecast for rest of week

Monday was for sure in the “hot” category with a high as of 5 p.m. in Vancouver of 94 degrees. That is the warmest day this month and ties the warmest of the summer season. June 23 we also had a high of 94 degrees. This brings our tally of 90-degree days to four, 10 less than the average 90-degree highs each summer.

I don’t see any 90-degree days on the horizon as it will be several degrees cooler today in the 80s and then near 80 Wednesday through Friday with areas of morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. We may struggle to get out of the 70s if clouds are thicker than forecast. Back to mid-80s by Sunday.

Regardless, perfect summer weather the remaining days of the week. Still no rain in sight. There will be a series of weather fronts moving by to our north which will keep an onshore flow of air off the Pacific to keep things “just right.”

We have been doing so well this summer in the wildfire department but as we know that can flare up any time. Even with highs in the 80s, that dry north-northwest wind we have enjoyed recently can dry things out quickly.

One advantage to the jet stream moving across southern British Columbia, it has kept wildfires at bay up there and no smoke over us. Remember last year at times? The remaining days of July are looking warm and dry, not unseasonably hot and probably no rain.

I looked at what I wrote last year about this time as it is always fun taking a look back to previous years. I mentioned a few memories. “In 2009 on July 22 we were expecting an intense heat wave with highs at 100 degrees. In 2010 after a rough spring with mosquitoes, swarms of grasshoppers were in the air. In 2011, it was so chilly early in the morning hours that you could see your breath at 44 degrees. In 2014 I was watching an impressive display of lightning to our east over the Cascades in the late evening hours.”

And so it goes, making memories each and every day.


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