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C-Tran’s Vine switching to onboard Hop payments

C-Tran is changing the way riders pay their fare on the Vine bus line. Beginning Aug. 2, passengers will need to tap their Hop cards to a ticket reader when they board the bus, rather than on the platform before boarding. The onboard readers are located near the middle and rear doors.

C-Tran announced the change Friday and said it is intended to make the Vine’s payment system more consistent with the rest of the agency’s bus fleet. It’s also intended to speed up boarding so that riders who are rushing to catch a bus won’t need to pause to tap their card at the platform terminal, the agency said in a press release.

Vine riders will still be able to pay with cash at the ticket vending machines at each platform. Cash payments must be made before boarding. Fare inspections will continue as normal after the switch to onboard payment.

Until Aug. 2, Vine riders should continue to pay by tapping their Hop cards on the platform before boarding.


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