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Weather Eye: Temperatures will be warming up over the weekend

Despite four days now this month with highs at 80 degrees or warmer, Vancouver is still running 1.5 degrees below average on the temperatures, mainly due to all the clouds the first week of the month.

Speaking of clouds, as discussed the other day, a weak weather system will be moving north overnight into Friday morning so we will see increasing clouds later today. In turn, high temperatures will drop a few degrees near 80 today and in the 70s.

That leads us to a warmup over the weekend and the hot weather will pay us a short visit. As of right now I foresee highs Sunday in the mid- to upper 80s and around 90 degrees or so plus or minus on Monday and Tuesday. If the warm air mass to our south builds further north then we could be in the really “hot” category, well into the 90s.

A line from my column 20 years ago on this day: “I certainly do not want to complain about the beautiful weather yesterday, but while sitting out on my deck that wind was downright nasty. My deck faces the north and trying to read the newspaper with a 30-mph wind is almost impossible. And even though it was nearly 80 at the time, I had a blanket around me due to the wind chill. Oh well, life in the Northwest.”

Seems like we always can find a bit of humor with the weather even though it tries to behave.

On this date in 1978, I measured 1.09 inches of rain at my home in Hazel Dell. Talk about a frog strangler — it poured. On Friday’s date in 1999, I recorded a temperature of only 63 degrees. I did mention high temperature, right?

I had a question the other day about dry spells. From June 23, 1967, through Sept. 1, 1967, we went 71 consecutive days without measurable rainfall. Other dusty conditions occurred in 1984 with 62 consecutive dry days, 1960 with 55 days, 1952 with 53 days, 1985 with 52 days, 1981 with 47 days, 1998 with 46 days, 1993 with 42 days, and 1990 with 41 days.


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