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Weather Eye: Plan to adjust activities with weather this week

The weather this holiday weekend certainly didn’t contribute to a hot Fourth of July, or even the day after when summer weather generally can be counted on. I’m glad I mentioned in my last column that the high pressure would slowly move over us. It was a snail’s pace.

As a result, we struggled to make it into the 70s, and this Fourth will go into the record books as a cool and cloudy one. Did you notice the humidity Saturday as well? It made it feel warmer than it was.

The weather picture looks like this: We’ll have an upper-level trough of low pressure remain parked over the Pacific Northwest, keeping plenty of clouds and a chance of drizzle or showers almost any day for the next seven days. Temperatures will be near normal and most likely below average all week. No end in sight of improving weather on the horizon. No soaking rains anticipated, so watering chores will continue.

Good news for keeping wildfires at bay. Poor news for sun worshipers and vegetable gardens. We are only a few days into the month but are running more than 3 degrees below average with the overall temperatures.

I noticed early afternoon Saturday that even Central and Eastern Washington were cooler than normal with many locations in the comfortable 70s. Where’s the heat, folks? I wouldn’t worry — I’m sure we will get a blast or two of it sooner or later.

So, expect days of morning clouds and afternoon sunshine, an intrusion of moisture off the coast at times that may result in drizzle or light showers. Not your typical July weather, for sure. Days and days of morning clouds and afternoon sunshine are the usual fare for June.

But we all know how June behaved, or did you forget already? I have mentioned many times over the years that June is a cloudier month than May. That is because of the morning low clouds and clear sunny afternoons. Well, this June we had plenty of clouds, all right — rain clouds, that is.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and adjust your activities with the weather this week. We will chat on Tuesday.


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