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Clark County men accused of rioting, racial harassment at Oregon beach

A group of “confrontational and highly intoxicated” men from Clark County were arrested Saturday night in Lincoln City, Ore., for allegedly shooting off illegal fireworks, harassing a Black family and challenging responding police officers to a fight, according to the Lincoln City Police Department.

Police were dispatched at 9:33 p.m. to a public beach in front of the Inn at Spanish Head on a report of a group shooting off illegal fireworks and causing a disturbance with other beachgoers, the department said.

Responding officers were immediately surrounded by a group of about 10 people who began taunting and challenging the officers for seizing illegal fireworks, police said.

As additional officers arrived on the scene, they learned that the same group of white people had been taunting and challenging a Black family, yelling racial slurs, insulting them and using Nazi salutes towards them, police said.

“The black family advised they felt intimidated by the actions this group had displayed towards them,” police said. “The on-scene officers formed a line between the group of white persons and the Black family, allowing the Black family to safely leave the beach and return to their room.”

As this was happening, several members in the group continued to taunt the officers and challenge them to fight, while others began shooting off a number of large illegal aerial fireworks in front of the officers, according to police.

A police statement described the group as “confrontational and highly intoxicated.”

After additional officers arrived on scene from the Toledo, Ore., Police Department and Lincoln County, Ore., Parole and Probation, they moved in on the suspects and began placing them under arrest on suspicion of a variety of crimes

Gennadiy Kachankov, 30, Antoliy Kachankov, 28, Andrey Zaytsev, 28, Oleg Saranchuk, 45, Ruslan Tkachenko, 22, all of Clark County, were arrested on suspicion of riot, interfering with police, disorderly conduct II, harassment, possession of illegal fireworks and offensive littering. They were cited and later released.

An additional male, who refused to identify himself and who had no ID on his person, was transported to the Lincoln County Jail for fingerprint identification and charged with the same crimes. In addition, Yuriy Kachankov, 30, of Clark County was also charged the same charges as well as resisting arrest. He was also cited and later released.


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