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Weather Eye: Enjoy sunshine and respite of earlier days of rain

If all goes well today, we could see our second official high of 90 degrees or better so far this year. The last one was nearly a month ago on May 28 with 91 degrees. Any way you look at it, it’s going to be a hot one. I can see the kids in the wading pools and perhaps a few hose fights with the parents. A good day to do so.

It doesn’t matter which street you drive down, there always seems to be a bump in the road. And of course, we have a bump in the nice weather forecast as a cool weather system will slide by overhead Wednesday. It will be weak with just some clouds, perhaps some drizzle or mist but the chance of measurable rain is nil.

Wednesday will still see highs near 80 degrees and yes, higher humidity. Thursday and Friday look great with highs in the 80s and plenty of sunshine, perhaps some high clouds at times.

The weekend still looks pleasant but we may contend with a few showers; we’ll update that on Thursday. The coast is pleasant if you want to escape the valley heat. Coastal towns will enjoy highs around 70 degrees.

Despite the excessive rain we have had this month, it’s time to get back watering the flowers and garden. I noticed my flower pots were actually quite dry and a few plants were wilting. Our breezes help dry things out quickly.

Only a week left in the month of June and July weather will be here before you know it. We’ll see if things really heat up after July 5, the so-called beginning of our local summer weather. While the sun is out, spend some time outside as much as you can. I’ll say this in a whisper, “The daylight hours are beginning to get ever so slowly shorter now.”

Enjoy the week and the respite of earlier days of rain, rain, rain. Shirt-sleeve weather is here. We’ll chat on Thursday.


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