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Weather Eye: Extended period of warm and dry weather begins

It was almost like being on a timer Saturday with the weather. As soon as we got within minutes of the official start of summer Saturday afternoon, the light rain, drizzle and mist abated and skies became broken.

Now with that we did have to deal with the heavy humidity from all the moisture and as the clouds began to break, peeks of the sun were present helping the thermometer climb back to 70 degrees, close to average.

Hope you took some deep breaths outside to bypass the humid effects. I noticed the roadways were steaming as the moisture ended.

There was still an outside chance of a shower overnight but for the most part, we now begin an extended period of warm and dry weather. The outdoor barbecue for Dad is still on for this afternoon, I believe.

We will heat up quickly Monday, well into the 80s and on Tuesday we may approach the 90-degree mark. At least humidity should be lower and easier to contend with. We stay in the 80s through Friday. For the last weekend of June it appears we could see a repeat of this weekend, perhaps. Nothing to fret about at this point.

As of 5 p.m. Saturday, Vancouver had received 3.38 inches of rain for the month, well over two inches above average. Maybe this week’s dry spell will run into the following week and remain dry. I think we have had enough rain this month, don’t you?

June is usually a month when the rainfall drops off quickly as we enter the summer months. The 3.38 inches in the rain bucket this month is the heaviest rainfall in any month so far this year, except January when we measured 7.35 inches. Not too proud of a statistic to share with you.

But maybe we have reached a turning point and the rest of summer are those hazy lazy days that we have come to enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest. No place better to be in summer than right here on the Northwest coast. Agree?

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.


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